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Cats Behavior - Get To Know What They Mean

by Paul Proctor

Cats behavior is so different for each cat, ranging from being your best bud to the haughty queen, that it just adds to the reasons that cat lovers enjoy their companions, besides the more obious physical differences.

Every cat has his or her own character and peculiarities. Growing up with thirteen of them at once can therefore be quite entertaining and amusing. Pansy was one of our first cats and she was on the quieter side. She enjoyed spending time resting on our dictionaries and reference books.

Eric, a short-haired marmalade, made up for his occasional lapses in litter box training by being the cat that was always there with you if you were sick or upset. Tinker, the smartest, was able to open a step-on garbage can effortlessly and, whenever he found my guitar lying around, would lay there happily plinking out tunes by the hour.

Cats have individual personalities and some can be quite eccentric! It is important for cat owners to recognize what is "normal" for their cat. For example, it might be normal for your cat to insanely run up and down the hallway at night, however in a more placid cat could indicate a problem. Changes in your cats behavior could be caused by anything from feeling slightly off to resenting your favorite Aunt's visit.

Cats are affected by changes in their environment and want things a certain way - their way. I learned this when my feline decided she detested the cat little we were using in her box. She simply stopped using the litter box and I eventually realized she preferred ripped newsprint. Other reasons a cat might stop using their cat box and instead soil their environment by spraying or defecating is because of changes that affect their sense of safety or make them feel insecure and unstable.

Generally speaking cats behavior, like humans, can be varied. If you are aware of which behavior is "normal" for your cat, it will be easier for you to pick up on behavioral variations that indicate something is wrong.

Cat behavior ranges from loving to distant, lazy to hyperactive, and shy to bold. This spectrum is normal, but if your cat is suddenly doing something unusual for her, it may signal a problem. Cats need to feel safe, and shifts in routine may cause unusual behavior. Changing the type of litterbox fill, for example, may result in a cat that refuses to use the litterbox at all. Realize that cats behavior is as varied as human behavior. Cat lovers need to know what's baseline "normal" for their cat to pick up on behavioral variations that are trying to tell them something.

Published August 3rd, 2007

Filed in Pets

Get inside your cat's mind and learn what he or she is thinking.

This Guide to feline Behavior is the result of over 250+ hours of work over the past 12 months. We have worked with cats for over 25 years between us and we learnt many new facts just researching this book! So just imagine how much more you will learn on how to understand your cat with this targeted information!

Cat looks at fish in a bowl


Dear Paul and Sarah,

We have been very lucky with our cat as he has never been any bother, that is until we recently redecorated our dining room. For the first time he took to scratching a dining-chair leg. I confess my first reaction was to scold him but it didn't seem to make any difference.
A friend told me about your website and I discovered the solution in chapter 2! Tom (my 4 year old cat) did not like having his face wiped but your advice worked like magic. You have already saved me a trip to the vet, though I still need to replace the chair! I enjoyed reading other chapters, too, and appreciate knowing more about how Tom's mind is working.
Your obvious love for cats shines through! Thank you so much for this user-friendly guide to cats and at such a reasonable price, too.

Sally Jones
Durham, UK

"Paul, thank you for the terrific e-book. I've got two cats and the biggest problem I've had is spraying. But I've pored over your advice on pages 19-20 and have already seen an improvement. Seriously. Not to mention the host of stuff I realized I was doing wrong with their litter box! Thanks to your guide, I've fixed that now. The book itself is a delightful read, easy to navigate around in, and I love the cat quotes at the beginning of each chapter. My cats are happier already, and I haven't got up the nerve to tell them it's all because I read your book! Shhhh ....

Bryan Todd
Lincoln, Nebraska USA"

Dear Sarah and Paul, my problem is they are actually urinating on the surfaces.  I took them to the vet for a check up and they are in perfect health.  I have confined them to the garage, which they hate.  Every night I will allow them out when I can watch them.  I love the tin foil idea.  I will keep you posted.  They are scheduled to be neutered on Feb. 14th.  Thanks again for you assistance and the brilliant E-book.

Patty Straub

"Dear Paul and Sarah- Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful response. A major factor in George's behavior was our aged dog who has passed away January 5. She was 18+ years old and getting very uncomfortable. Without her in the house George as become less nervous and easier to coax out from under the bed quilt. In fact, he spends more and more time with us which we are enjoying and he must be too. I will implement your suggestions, especially the cleaning of the urine carefully around the house. With one cat it should be easier and cleaner than ever. Thank you again."


Thank you. You mentioned things I have never heard of before. I will definitely try your suggestions!


"Hi, I just want to say thank you so much for your help. I sent in a question about my cat and I am following your instructions and i see a big difference. My cat used to knock things off of the dresser but now i am ignoring him like you told me to try. He will knock one or two things off, but when he sees that he is not getting my attention he stops. He's getting better night by night."



In many cases we have prevented cats being put to sleep due to the disruption that can be caused in a household with these habits. We often find this also puts a great strain on relationships if your cat is peeing all over, and the newer the house and relationship the greater the anguish!

Included Topics:

If you're serious about solving your feline behavior problems we suggest you get this Kindle Book, right now and most importantly read it and take action today.

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Yes, for less than the price of a fast food dinner for a family of 4 you will have all of the information and practical advice you need to start correcting the relevant behavior problems immediately.

How much is this Kindle Book Worth?

Just one visit to see your Vet or to see an Animal Behaviorist can easily cost over $100, and that is just for one behavior problem.  While you should see your Veterinarian when ever you suspect a medical problem may be present, this Guide can go a long way towards solving this common behavioral problem on your own!

Our primary aim is to make this book available to as many cats and their owners as possible at the lowest price. This low price however in no way refelects the high quality of the contents inside this book.

If it was priced on vet time spent producing this publication we should be charging @ $50.00. However we know from our ask a queston campaign that many people whom really need help are on low budgets. Thus we have the website to help more people get good, honest practical advice and the Kindle Book at a very reasonable price for more detailed information.

A Case Study:

Tom a gorgeous and lovable neutered 4 yr old male, was brought into the clinic for an examination due to a sudden onset of inappropriate urination. In this case it was found to represent spraying. It is very important to make, sure especially with sudden onset problems that your cat does not have an underlying medical problem. This topic is covered extensively in the Kindle E-book. Diagnosis of the exact type of inappropriate urination is also very important as the solutions for each type are very different.

The client was at her wits end as her partner had decided the cat would have to be put to sleep as this was a new house and the smell of urine and the damage caused was too much! This is often the case with feline behavioral problems that the spraying, aggression, scratching etc.. puts a great strain on relationships in a household.

The steps needed with any behavioral problem as indicated here are an accurate diagnosis, to include finding the actual cause of the upset behavior and the actual exact type of behavior being exhibited. Then offering a range of practical solutions that owners can implement easily.

Once we had made sure tom had no underlying medical problems (very common in neutered sedentary males). We offered a number of solutions and the lady downloaded an early copy of our E-book. When re-examined the cat had reduced the spraying by 75% in 4 weeks. However due to the length of time it had already been going on, it will take some time to stop the behavior completely. Also in this case the underlying cause (a new dog in the house) could not be totally eliminated, much to the cats disgust ;-).

After reading the E-book both our client and her boyfriend realised that if they had done things differently from the start they probably would have prevented the spraying becoming established in the first case!!


You have nothing to lose.

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